Ekonomi STPM Kertas 1 blog is CLOSING DOWN

Sorry guys, I’m closing this blog, ‘EKONOMI STPM KERTAS 1 (MIKROEKONOMI).

I’m no longer teaching form six starting this year. That means I’m no longer teaching pre-U Economics paper 1, which is what the blog is all about.

When thinking about it, I’ve been teaching economics P1 since Jun 2004 when our first batch of form six attended the class. Since then, we never look back and continue to do our best to make a difference. Woah, it’s been what, six years? Maybe I should say 5 years and a half.

Due to a current situation, I’ve decided to close and delete all contents of this blog as I’m not willing to maintain and entertain the comment or question related to Microeconomics STPM here, to avoid any wrongdoing and liabilities should bad things arise.

Anyway, good luck to all STPM students 2009/2010. Hopefully your future journey are as bright as you wish. As for the Economic class of 2010/2011, I’m sorry for not able to teach you anymore. I’ve tried my best, the best ability that I can and permitted. But I’m retiring (from teaching form six, I’m still teaching for upper secondary class) for good, for the sake of myself, my health, my mind and motivation. May Allah show me His mercy and blessing and give me a guidance and a light of wisdom.

This is among the toughest decision I have ever make about myself to date.


I’m afraid there are rumours (or wrong information) buzzing about the matter in school. Let me make it clear for all of you and to clear my name and the principal. I’m not dismiss (fired?) by the principal or ‘digugurkan/dilucutkan jawatan oleh pengetua’. She is not evil, nor I am that bad or troublemaker person. Instead, I have decided to withdrew from teaching a Form 6 class voluntarily, regardless of the ‘bright future’ as some people say or looking for.

Since I’m not bound (wajib) to teach Form 6 exclusively (in other words, not a Guru Akademik Tingkatan Enam yet), the door still open for me to ask for the changes and luckily I’m still teaching ‘primiere stream’ classes all this while also, so the matter are solved by the management, although there a few ‘long faces’ throw at me. Hence, the decision to withdrew from the responsibility of teaching form 6 is solely mine, and after a long talk and discussion last year, the principal finally gave the nod. Thank you.

Frankly, I’ve been asking for this since 2009 but were not entertained. I even tried to negotiate and make an offer to other qualified teacher, with previous experience  to takeover the class but he decline since he is more interested on Macroeconomics. The personal negotiation had failed.  Teaching Macros are more rewarding than the hard to swallow Micros, so I’ve been told. However, I believe I have to quit as soon as possible to make room for a new semester system started this mid-2011.

There are a few bad moment for me in early 2010, personally and professionally, that affected me badly. It has really demoralize and kills me – just like that I lost my energy, my momentum, my motivation, my desire and it affect my health too, not to mention my family. Even I lost my appetite and most of the time, I felt down and depressed. Of course, I tried my best to hide it from the pupils and colleagues, and try my best to re-ignite my passion from time to time. Only my close friend (wife) and may be only a few students saw me in sadness and can’t hold a tears in school (no, not in the class – I’m not crying cause I’m a man!*sob*).

Hopefully, the year 2011 will give me somekind of ‘renewal’ energy, new motivation, new momentum. Never mindlah if I’m only and will be an ‘OLD teacher’ (no achievement in terms of position) – aka time-base only. No need to look down on me. Just let me do my works, support me and my form 3 and form 5 students morally and physically. But don’t burden me with no nonsense.  Then my live in school will be colorful and beautiful again.

Hey, I’ve been teaching 10 years and 2011 is my eleventh. Another 16 years to go, with Allah’s will. I just hope for those who still not realized their ‘badness’ to others, may Allah open the hijab and let others see their true faces and attitude, and after that, hopefully with Allah’s will, they should repent and ask for forgiveness.